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Old Brockway Golf Course
Old Brockway Golf Course

4th Hole

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Brockway Golf Course: 1st HoleBrockway Golf Course: 1st Hole
4th Hole Tee View | Old Brockway Golf Course

4th Hole Overview

The forth hole playing at 497 yards is probably the most unique experience outside of Scotland. With two greens, one playing as a par four (both as par fives for the high handicappers) and the other as a par five, both are reachable by accurate second shots. The flat front green, being unreceptive to long iron shots, is only surpassed by the rear green, which must be played over water. Birdies and eagles are few on these putting surfaces.

Par 5


Blue: 497
White: 444
Red: 432

Golf Course: 4th Hole: Diagram